All CT Sports Center adult leagues (volleyball, soccer, basketball, and frisbee) are currently postponed until further notice. 
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Adult Volleyball Leagues

Come join the fun at the Connecticut Sports Center!

The Connecticut Sports Center has been running some of the best volleyball leagues in Connecticut since 1997! Come join the family and players, many who return year after year!

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Coed Volleyball Teams

Over 1,200 teams have played in CSC leagues in our first 22 years! Join a CSC volleyball league for officiated, competitive and recreational indoor volleyball! Our climate-controlled facility provides a comfortable and fun atmosphere for adult athletes to compete for a title. Our cafe bar is always open after your game and stocked with familiar beers as well as an impressive local craft selection. Come see why we are the best league around!

Coed teams MUST have 2 women on the court at ALL times otherwise the team will forfeit. Matches start at 7:00pm, 7:45pm, 8:30pm, 9:15pm, and 9:30pm

Payment Options

Paying the full amount up-front online entitles your team to six draft beer vouchers. Simply select the Full Payment option at checkout.

We also offer a Flexible Deposit Payment option - a smaller up-front payment and the opportunity to reduce and pay off the balance over the course of the season. Teams must make an active effort to reduce their balance over the course of the session. Simply select the Deposit Only option at checkout. We will not add a team to a league without at least the deposit paid.

Individual & Free Agent Sign Up

Looking for a team? Contact CSC at and we will add you to our free agent list! We’ve placed over 300 individuals on teams, let us help you find one. Placement is not guaranteed. 


• Power A League: Strong level of play with structured and quick offensive and experienced defensive systems. Knowledge of USAV rules important. This league plays on Thursday nights.

• Intermediate B League: For people who have played organized volleyball, have a general understanding of the rules, can usually bump-set-spike, and want to have fun. This league plays on Thursday nights.

Adult Co-ed Volleyball

Adult League Sessions 2019-2020
Summer Session 2019
Open Gym Drop-In. Thursday nights 7-9pm July 18 - August 29; $7 per player per night (18+)
Fall Session 2019
Practice week Sept. 5th, Games Start Sept. 12th  - 11 Week Reg. Season Plus 2 Playoffs weeks ($795)

Winter Session 2020
Practice week Jan. 2nd, Games Start Jan. 9th  - 11 Week Reg. Season Plus 2 Playoffs weeks ($795)

Spring Session 2020
Practice week April 9th, Games Start April 16th  - 8 Week Reg. Season Plus 2 Playoffs weeks ($450)

Online Registration
 is currently closed.

Need a copy of the current league schedule? Visit our League Schedules page

If you have any questions about the league, please give us a call at (203) 387-1181, or e-mail us!

Co-ed Volleyball League Standings

Winter Session

Current through March 5th games

 Coed A  Record  Win %
 Tempo  25-5  0.833
 Team Onward  22-8  0.733
 Dat Ace Doe  21-9  0.700
 Open Mid  18-9  0.667
 Grundel  18-12  0.600
 Circle Pepper  13-14  0.481
 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter  13-17  0.433
 Bump Set Drank  12-18  0.400
 Platform 9 & 3/4  10-20  0.333
 Funky Bunch  6-24  0.200
 The Replacements  2-25  0.074
 Coed B  Record  Win %
 Sharks  27-3  0.900
 Slam Pigs  23-7  0.767
 Safe Sets  21-9  0.700
 Sets on the Beach  20-10  0.667
 Funky Bunch  17-10  0.630
 PrimeLending Pounders  17-10  0.630
 Saucy Blockers  17-13  0.567
 Rocket Power  16-14  0.533
 I'd Hit That  14-13  0.519
 Block N' Roll  7-23  0.233
 Synergy  6-24  0.200
 Threat Level Midnight  4-23  0.148
 Dale of Misfits  0-27  0.000

*Playoff seeding for teams with tied winning percentage decided by head-to-head record

Playoff brackets can be viewed during the playoffs on our League Schedules page

Posted schedules are subject to change, please check for updates.

 The Shrekening, Fall A 2016


 Co-ed Volleyball

Past Champions


 A League 

Champion - Team Onward Runner-Up - I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Fall '19
C - Setters of Catan RU - I'm Dying Spring '18
C - Temp0 RU - No Name Winter '18
C - I Can't Believe It's Not Butter RU - Grundel Fall '17
C - The Shrekening RU - Team Lindsay Spring '17
C - Temp0 RU - The Shrekening Winter '17
C - The Shrekening RU - Circle Pepper
Fall '16
C - New Bloodz RU - Nice Tips Spring '16
C - Bruised Monkeys RU - Kelly's Team Winter '16
C - Nice Tips RU - Circle Pepper Fall '15
C - Grundel RU - Safe Sets Summer '15
C - Nice Tips RU - Safe Sets Spring '15
C - Pink Monkeys RU - Circle Pepper Winter '15

B League

Champion - Slam Pigs Runner-Up - Sharks Fall' 19
C - Sharks RU - I'd Hit That Spring '19
C - Safe Sets RU - Funky Bunch Winter '19
C - Funky Bunch RU - I'd Hit That Spring '18
C - Safe Sets RU - Slam Pigs Winter '18
C - Sharks RU - I Don't Recall Fall '17
C - Inside Out RU - I'd Hit That Winter '17
C - Sharks RU - How I Set Your Mother Fall '16
C - Sharks RU - I'd Hit That Winter '16
C - How I Set Your Mother RU - Bumping' Uglies Fall'15
C - Safe Sets RU - I'd Hit That Winter '15


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