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Welcome to CT Juniors Volleyball


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Since 1989, our CT Juniors volleyball programs have benefitted more than 25,000 players. Programs are available for girls entering grades 4-12. Players receive quality skill instruction through participation in drills designed to quickly improve their game. Special emphasis is placed on offensive and defensive systems used by the most successful high school and college programs. Our coaches utilize the latest techniques and strategies and, at a minimum, are Nationally Certified. Their sole intention is to make you a better player!

Club Updates

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CT Juniors in the News - congrats to CT Juniors Coach Seth Davis and CT Juniors player Lexi Bonato for being named the SCC coach and player of the year!  Check it out on Instagram

A list of CT Juniors program participants that were

selected All-Conference last year.

We offer two main clinics for girls during the Fall: the Program for High School Girls, and the Extra Effort Program.

We offer three main programs during the winter: the State Program, Developmental Program and Travel Program.

During the spring we offer the Girls Spring Program and the Extra Effort Program!

We offer a range of 14 different quality clinics through our Girls Summer Program. Additionally, we run our Girls High School League!

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 CT Juniors Leadership

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What Our Customers Say

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and all of the staff who helped to make this past week such a great experience for my daughter Emma. While I only had a limited opportunity to observe first-hand, what I did see of the instruction and the structure of the week was first-rate. More importantly, the confidence that grew in Emma over the week, as evidenced in her nearly ceaseless talk about the camp, is a testament to the supportive and educational environment you created. Emma is more excited now than ever about the upcoming high school season....sincerest thanks for a great week.

Peter Gailey

President & Co-Founder OR-Live, Inc.

I cannot begin to say enough great things about CT Juniors! An experienced coaching staff with a positive attitude, endless energy and passion for the game has made all the difference for our daughter. Your instruction taught Kate the fine points of playing her position, mastering her serve, and developing a sense of where to be on the court offensively and defensively. Your program instilled both the skills and the confidence in Kate, who after playing just one year in middle school, has had 3 great years on the Choate Varsity Team and will be the Captain this season! Thank you.

Janine Hodgson

Guilford, CT

Important Documents

The waiver MUST be filled out by each individual participant before participating in any CT Juniors program. If a waiver was done previously, a new one does NOT need to be completed for the summer.

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